Corona and ProCreate

Veronika Petrás

The whole world is going through a new experience. The planet decides to give us a new lesson about relaxing. This lesson is called the Pandemic of Corona Virus.
Most of the people were complaining about not having enough time. Even though we all have the same amount of time. For most of us, 24 hours was not enough. But now the universe gave us so much time that we do not know what to do with it. Most of us were not able to make to organize more time. What to do with it now? How to use the time that we have now? Because you came across my website I assume that you are not interested in How to clean your tennis court?
Tattooing eyebrow, microblading, tattooing lips or eye lines, technically the whole industry of permanent makeup is not about the clients only that we can create a masterpiece on their faces. As most of the artists already know, before creating the masterpiece it takes tens and hundreds of hours of practicing on the latex with a holder or with the machine in the hand.

Even though at the beginning we can think that once…. Once after a lot of work and practice and if we invest enough money in the courses from masters from around the world, and we will have thousands of clients, do we will become perfect and we won´t have to educate ourselves anymore. But from my point of view, this will never happen. In this industry, we will never be so perfect so we would not have any chance to become better.

Improvement of yourself, studying material, new possibilities, and techniques and practicing on the latex or tablet and studying the new course will never reach the end. Even practicing on the paper with the pencil will help you to get better. It is training your brain, your imagination. The result of all of the practice is that you are getting better. By every single brow, you create, you are getting better a little bit.

It works the same as during learning a foreign language. Even you can reach the level of native speakers in a few years and no one will recognize it is now your first language, sometimes you can be surprised by a new word. The same situation can even happen to you in your native language.
All of this works in the field of permanent makeup. Even the Master that you consider the best around the world, can get better.
So, I would like to challenge you to use this time, that has been given to you. Use it productively and get better.
I prepared for you this challenge in cooperation with awesome Russian makeup artist Sergey Milk. You can see his perfect work consists of face charts and makeups on his Instagram profile @milk1422 that has over half a million followers. Milk prepared for your training face chart in what I drew BreezyBrows as a template for you.

Challenge for you is to create an eyebrow on this face chart as much as similar to my BreezyBrows artwork. For creating this artwork I used iPad, Apple pencil and application ProCreate. You can also print the black and white version and use paper and pencil.

All of you who will post your work on any social media and tag profile @lamajja.breezybrows of profile on Facebook will receive from me access to the tutorial for free how to work with application Procreate, what tools I use and how I create BreezyBrows step by step.

Let´s go to make the world nicer and funnier together. It is never enough to become better.

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