What is BreezyBrows about?

Veronika Petrás

The style, that sets the trends

I’ve been an artist since I was a child and I didn’t like the rules. I always created my drawings, paintings the way I felt, and not the way someone in the art school dictated to me, and probably that’s why it was created from ordinary eyebrows, BreezyBrows eyebrows.

This style did not come from my hand overnight. This style was created gradually over several months of daily work and perception of clients, their needs, and inspiration from nature itself. After all, nature is always the greatest inspiration for an artist, from which the artist can draw.

Just as natural eyebrows, which do not have the same hair growth, the same length or the same curvature, so do BreezyBrows.

It is a very airy eyebrow that does not have clear rules, it can also be very wild but at the same time cute and tasteful.

Source: Pinterest

However, it should be noted that this is not a style that is for everyone. Some will be a supporter of groomed eyebrows that have clear lines, someone will be a proponent of a thinner line, and someone will be a proponent of a very strong eyebrow-style “powder eyebrow” style, such as the world-famous artist Browdaddy.

However, there are also those who long for the airy style of the latest trends of famous celebrities and models such as TaylorHill, Cara Delevingne, Stella Maxwell, Elsa Hosk, etc.

Source: Pinterest

Yes, it is so… As we already know the trends are changing in dress, make-up, nails, as well as in the eyebrows. The trend that is just coming and that many still have to mature is this careless, completely natural, untouched eyebrow. It’s the same as with fashion, someone sees the front page of the latest Vogue and starts adapting their outfits accordingly, it takes someone several months, often years to adapt to trends and someone… someone doesn’t adapt to trends in a lifetime. Not because he’s “out”, it’s just that this fashion world doesn’t solve that much. Nothing is good or bad. Everyone has their own taste and style.

However, BreezyBrows is an eyebrow style that I created just by inspiring these beauties, but I thought more and more about what is so unique about this style, I realized that nature itself gave us this style.

On purpose…. If you have small children or a small sibling, cousin, niece, etc. Pause over them for a moment and look carefully at their eyebrows… What will you see?

As I watched this virgin eyebrow without a single touch of tweezers, I realized that was exactly what I was trying to achieve.

Beautiful virgin airy eyebrows, the aim of which is to help my clients regain the look that was given to them long ago. Even before they changed their shape and style of their eyebrows with the help of an eyebrow trimmer, tweezers, and similar tools, and now their hair does not want to grow back.

Frequently Asked Questions

BreezyBrows is a natural method of permanent makeup, which is created using a blade, we can also call microblading or eyebrow lining with a combination of a permanent machine, which completes the shading or shaded effect.

The result is a natural appearance of the eyebrows, where the hairs are individually drawn in the direction of the natural growth of natural hairs.

Pigment, you can also call it eyebrow color, is chosen according to your own natural shade of hair. The pigment is applied only to the upper layer of the skin, the so-called “Epidermis”, to prevent swelling and discoloration, which is often the case with the classic method of permanent makeup.

A common question for clients is whether the application hurts, how long the application itself lasts, and how long the resulting effect on the skin is visible.

The question of pain is very individual, each person has a pain threshold somewhere else. However, I would definitely not describe the application as painful. In the first phase rather as “unpleasant” and in the second phase, after the application of local anesthesia, absolutely painless.

The application, including consultation and pre-drawing of the shape of the eyebrows, takes 2-3 hours and the resulting effect is visible on the skin for 1-2 years depending on the skin type.

Why isn’t the effect visible on the skin, for example, for 5 years or even forever? I will write about it in one of the following posts so that you can look forward to it

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