How to make a reservation correctly?

To offer a free term, which you will receive after sending the form, you need to send a photo of your eyebrows (make sure the photo is very sharp, ideally taken with the back camera of the phone, in good light to assess your skin condition), your age and see if you really meet all the contraindications.


For the reservation is necessary to send a photo of your brows (sharp from a close distance, on the good light, for checking the state of your skin), add your age, read through and accept all contraindications. A new application of permanent makeup is accepting only in case, that you don’t have permanent makeup from different salons or if you have previous PMU it must be invisible. When I don’t accept clients for PMU:

  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding (after breastfeeding I recommend to wait for 2 months until hormones persist)
  • keloid scars
  • epilepsy
  • immunodeficiency and oncology patients in treatment (application is possible not earlier than 6 months after treatment)
  • any infectious disease
  • viral hepatitis, AIDS, conjunctivitis, respiratory tract diseases, various viruses, but also by rhinitis (application is possible after 10 days of antibiotics)
  • blood diseases
  • clients with blood clotting disorders or other blood diseases can not undergo PMU
  • using antibiotics
  • lymphedema

  I accept, after consulting the Doctor:

  • allergies, diabetes, very high blood pressure, atopic eczema, skin diseases, anti-depressant drugs
  • cardio-vascular problems (I only accept with confirmation from the doctor)


  • 24 hours before the procedure – Do not consume any alcohol, coffee or energy drinks.
  • 10 days before the procedure – Do not visit the solarium and do not brown your eyebrows.
  • 4 weeks before the procedure – Do not apply chemical peeling, laser treatment, AHA peeling, application of botox and fillers to the forehead and exposure to strong sunlight. The skin can not be in an inflammatory process or during the process of healing and regeneration.

  During the PMU application, it is possible:

  • feeling painful during the PMU application
  • complications following the PMU, such as temporary swelling (1-2 days), scarring (3-7 days), and very rarely – hematoma, allergic reactions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation 72 hours in advance and less Cancellation of the new application deadline – the deposit is non-refundable, another deadline can be arranged. Cancellation date correction – you will be added 50% of the original correction price at the next agreed correction meeting. Cancellation or non-cancellation 24 hours in advance or less Cancellation of new application or correction deadline – the deposit is non-refundable and the client will not be offered a new application or correction deadline. Notice of cancellation or postponement of the deadline is possible only via email: [email protected] Important notice for all clients: You must provide truthful information about scars, all previous microblading or permanent eyebrow makeup applications, as well as any contraindications (such as colds) that could result in your inability to perform the procedure, which will result in canceling your deadline and forfeiting your deposit or billing the full amount of the correction amount. The deposit corresponds to approximately 20% of the amount of the new application. You will receive detailed information regarding the deposit for the binding reservation of the appointment by email based on the ordered service within a few days after sending the form.

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