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What is BreezyBrows?

BreezyBrows is a new unique style of permanent makeup. This technique aims to maximize the natural look of the eyebrows, which looks a bit untidy and airy. Essentially, as nature usually gave us, but within a few years we either looked like or adjusted ourselves for a long time until our beautiful original look gave us something unwanted or something that is already “out”. The style of sloppy natural eyebrows is currently at the highest fashionable point, you can see it on all fashion catwalks or magazines on the most famous models.

However, BreezyBrows style is not for everyone. Someone will always like beautiful neat eyebrows, which has clearly given lines, without a single hair out of perfect form. But there is a large clientele who longs for a frayed, fluffy fresh eyebrow and that’s what BreezyBrows is all about.

BreezyBrows differs from the classic method of permanent make-up or microblading by using 2 tools (pen and clipper) and a special hair pattern that makes the eyebrows look so “frayed”.

BreezyBrows is ideal for normal or dry skin.

What is PowderBrows?

A semi-permanent procedure that creates a powder or shaded effect. It differs from classical permanent makeup in the depth of the application of pigment into the skin. The procedure is performed using very thin needles, which move only in the upper layer of the skin.

It is ideal for any skin type but works well on oily and combination skin. PowderBrows can be made to look more dramatic or very subtle, depending on the client’s needs and how we decide during the consultation.

The procedure is performed using disposable sterile instruments, and permanent makeup pigments are produced following the highest standards.

What is PhiAcademy?

PhiAcademy is the largest and most prestigious permanent makeup academy in the world, founded by Branko Babic, who has managed to create a system for perfect education in microblading under the brand PhiBrows. Today, PhiAcademy has courses in many areas, hundreds of Masters around the world, thousands of artists and thousands of students. Getting a certificate from PhiAcademy along with the logo under which the artist can work is a very difficult matter. The artist has to go through several levels and it can take up to six months or more to get the certificate.


The visible result is on the skin for 12 to 18 months, depending on the type of skin, immunity, age, lifestyle and mainly aftercare.

In general, the more oily the skin, the shorter the colorfastness. Persistence of pigment also affects sweating, sunlight, and solarium.


Before the procedure and the successful confirmation of the selected date, it is necessary to send a photo of eyebrows, to assess whether the procedure is suitable for your skin type. It is necessary to study the contraindications to make sure you can undergo the procedure.

The procedure itself consists of a short consultation, which assesses the condition of your skin, determine the ideal shade of pigments and get to know the course of the procedure, which lasts 2-3 hours. Before applying the pigment to the skin, the form of eyebrows is pre-drawn. The client has to see pre-drawn shape and client and artist have to approve that shape. The pain of the procedure is an individual. The factors are a mental and physical condition, sensitivity and menstruation. In the second phase, a numbing cream is applied which can eliminate pain during application. The procedure takes place while lying down, in compliance with all hygienic principles.

Final result

The skin is completely healed after about 28 days. The initial intense color fades during the first days and gradually darkens again to its final form. The result is 50% paler after complete healing and 10-15% thinner than after the first application. 50% of Veronika`s clients need correction, which is done after 4 weeks at the earliest, but no later than 3 months after the procedure.

Care after application

Aftercare is a 50% success rate of treatment and is therefore of great importance for the final appearance. Incorrect treatment can lose up to 80% pigment. It is therefore imperative to follow carefully the instructions of recommended aftercare.

For the best healing, the eyebrows should be coated with a special ointment, which you will receive after the procedure. Within 3 to 7 days, the wound is peeling off in the form of small flakes that must not be pulled off! Scales must fall off spontaneously.

It is important to avoid sunlight, solarium and excessive soaking of the skin. All instructions will be printed after the application.


For the reservation is necessary to send a photo of your brows (sharp from a close distance, on the good light, for checking the state of your skin), add your age, read through and accept all contraindications.

A new application of permanent makeup is accepting only in case, that you don’t have permanent makeup from different salons or if you have previous PMU it must be invisible.

When I don’t accept clients for PMU:

  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding (after breastfeeding I recommend to wait for 2 months until hormones persist)
  • keloid scars
  • epilepsy
  • immunodeficiency and oncology patients in treatment (application is possible not earlier than 6 months after treatment)
  • any infectious disease
  • viral hepatitis, AIDS, conjunctivitis, respiratory tract diseases, various viruses, but also by rhinitis (application is possible after 10 days of antibiotics)
  • blood diseases
  • clients with blood clotting disorders or other blood diseases can not undergo PMU
  • using antibiotics
  • lymphedema


I accept, after consulting the Doctor:

  • allergies, diabetes, very high blood pressure, atopic eczema, skin diseases, anti-depressant drugs
  • cardio-vascular problems (I only accept with confirmation from the doctor)



  • 24 hours before the procedure – Do not consume any alcohol, coffee or energy drinks.
  • 10 days before the procedure – Do not visit the solarium and do not brown your eyebrows.
  • 4 weeks before the procedure – Do not apply chemical peeling, laser treatment, AHA peeling, application of botox and fillers to the forehead and exposure to strong sunlight. The skin can not be in an inflammatory process or during the process of healing and regeneration.


During the PMU application, it is possible:

  • feeling painful during the PMU application
  • complications following the PMU, such as temporary swelling (1-2 days), scarring (3-7 days), and very rarely – hematoma, allergic reactions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation 72 hours in advance and less
Cancellation of the new application deadline – the deposit is non-refundable, another deadline can be arranged.
Cancellation date correction – you will be added 50% of the original correction price at the next agreed correction meeting.

Cancellation or non-cancellation 24 hours in advance or less
Cancellation of new application or correction deadline – the deposit is non-refundable and the client will not be offered a new application or correction deadline.
Notice of cancellation or postponement of the deadline is possible only via email: [email protected]

Important notice for all clients:
You must provide truthful information about scars, all previous microblading or permanent eyebrow makeup applications, as well as any contraindications (such as colds) that could result in your inability to perform the procedure, which will result in canceling your deadline and forfeiting your deposit or billing the full amount of the correction amount.

The deposit corresponds to approximately 20% of the amount of the new application. You will receive detailed information regarding the deposit for the binding reservation of the appointment by email based on the ordered service within a few days after sending the form.