Cancellation 4 working days or less in advance: Cancellation of a new application – the booking fee is non-refundable, another date can be arranged. Cancellation of correction appointment – 50% of the original correction price will be added to your next scheduled correction appointment.

Cancellation or non-cancellation 24 hours or less in advance: Cancellation of a new application or correction appointment – the booking fee is non-refundable and the client will not be offered a new application or correction appointment.

Notification of cancellation or rescheduling is only possible via email:

Important notice for all clients: You are required to provide truthful information about scars, any previous microblading or permanent makeup applications, as well as any contraindication (including, for example, a cold) that could result in an inability to perform the procedure, which will result in cancellation of your appointment and forfeiture of the reservation fee or a charge for the full amount of the correction.

The booking fee is approximately 20% of the new application amount. You will receive detailed information regarding the reservation fee for a binding appointment reservation by email based on the ordered service within a few days after submitting the form.

Go to the salon unaccompanied. This is a sterile environment and a very responsible job that requires peace of mind.