FREE WEBINAR about PMU healed results

🗓This Friday 19.3 at 6pm CET

🍭What is more important? A beautiful photo of “before and after” effect for the Instagram right after the procedure? Or the healed result of a clients eyebrows who will wear it on his face for more than a year? Of course, the second option, although most artists prefer the first …

🍭Does it happen to you that the healed PMU results do not look as you would expect? It happened to me … you can see 2 works in the photo. Both eyebrows are my work … I also went through a period where the healed results looked completely different than I expected😩

🍭I will talk about this topic from my own experience

🍭 Webibar about poorly done microblading and bad machine hair strokes, why it happens and what to avoid.

This webinar will not be on Instagram, but on a private YouTube link, which you will receive in the e-mail.

🥇SHARE THIS POST to your Instagram, TAG MY PROFILE and the MOST INTERESTING REPOST (text)  will WIN 30 minutes through ZOOM individally with me.

🥇I will announce the winner at the end of the webinar.

I will speak in 🇨🇿Czech and 🇬🇧English.

Looking forward to you guys.