DIADEM – PMU machine

DIADEM – PMU machine

DIADEM is the first very light and small machine with a powerful linear motor that has perfect ergonomic characteristics. Created specifically for artists who expect a machine that is lightweight so as not to make the hand tired, but at the same time powerful and precise.

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DIADEM is the first very light and small machine with a powerful linear motor that has perfect ergonomic characteristics. Created specifically for artists who expect a machine that is lightweight so as not to make the hand tired, but at the same time powerful and precise. The machine weighs only 85 g and has a diameter of 22 mm with a length of 106 mm.

Thanks to the powerful linear motor, the DIADEM is able to implant the pigment into the skin very quickly, but thanks to the high quality of the Swiss motor, it ensures a smooth and consistent movement that makes the procedure free of trauma, swelling and with perfect precision.

This feature is especially appreciated when creating hairstrokes and other procedures where you need maximum precision such as eyeliner or lip contouring.

If you are a lover of a perfectly coloured effect in shading procedures, then DIADEM is the perfect choice in this case too.

With a DIADEM machine, you won’t need to have several different types of machines in your portfolio to be able to perfectly create all PMU techniques, but just one will be enough.

DIADEM is compatible with all universal tattoo cartridges such as Kwadron, Vertix, Mast, EZ Cartridges, Thunderlord, etc.

Inside of your DIADEM box you will find:

  • DIADEM machine
  • RCA cable
  • Wireless battery
  • One year warranty


Is not included:

  • power supply
  • pedal


Technical features:

  • Connection: RCA cable or battery (included in the box)
  • Stroke length: 2.5 mm
  • Recommended Voltage: (depending on your power supply)
  • Rpm 9000
  • Linear Swiss motor
  • Weight: 3 oz (85 g)
  • Size: grip size 22 mm, machine length 106 mm
  • Color: black and rose gold
  • Needle Compatibility: The DIADEM is designed with a universal tattoo cartridge system, making it compatible with most needles on the market. The advantage is therefore flexibility in the choice of needle brand and therefore less cost.


What to pay ATTENTION to and how to ensure the correct and quality function of the machine:

  • Do not insert or eject cartridges when the machine is switched on.
  • Do not disassemble the machine privately.
  • Use quality power supplies and cables that meet the technical needs (an underpowered power supply or cable may not have sufficient power for operation and, conversely, an overpowered power supply could permanently damage the motor).
  • Place your machine in a safe position (dropping the machine can cause damage to the machine).




DIADEM machines, batteries and cables are covered by a 365 day warranty service.

In case of a problem with the machine you have received, please contact our customer service directly at info@lamajja.com. The customer service team will verify your situation by email. When sending a warranty verification email, please include your order number, product photos, video. This information can speed up the verification of the product condition. The verification result will be sent to you by email.

We do not provide warranty service in the following cases:

  1. The product has been seriously damaged due to a fall on the ground
  2. The product has been soaked with liquid
  3. The product has been disassembled and privately modified


Shipping costs associated with service repairs are not covered under warranty.

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