Set of coloured innovative threads ACTION 5+1 free

Set of coloured innovative threads ACTION 5+1 free

Get a complete set of six LaMajja color threads and pay for only five! This promotion includes all our colors: white, brown, pink, orange, turquoise and light blue. Perfect for any beauty professional looking for an effective tool to precisely target the shape of their brows and enhance their social media appeal.

The flexibility of your kit: you have the option to customize your kit to suit your needs. If you wish to have a certain color in two pieces and omit another, just mention it in the note when ordering and we will take care of everything.

Advantages of the new LaMajja threads:

  • Intense color: Compared to the older version of LaMajja threads, these upgraded threads contain a higher concentration of dye, which means stronger markings.
  • Variety of colours: These vibrant and attractive colours are designed not only to brighten up your work and add a fun element to your daily workflow, but also to help you create visually impactful social media posts. Use this colour variety to not only make your work fun, but also to make your creative and colourful eyebrow drawings stand out on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.
  • High quality: Our threads are made with an emphasis on quality, ensuring that every application is as efficient as possible.

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Ideal for professionals and their social networks: LaMajja threads not only improve the accuracy of your work, but their vibrant colours can liven up your social networks and attract the attention of followers. They are ideal for creating engaging content on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest and increase the visibility of your professional skills.

Combine LaMajja threads with other products from our range for maximum impact and outstanding results that catch the eye.

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