PREMIUM Thread for mould orientation – brown

PREMIUM Thread for mould orientation – brown

Perfect eyebrows quickly and easily with LaMajja eyebrow threads

Introducing LaMajja Eyebrow Threads – the ideal tool for every beauty professional. These next-generation threads are the fastest way to create perfectly symmetrical and aesthetically appealing eyebrow shapes. Our threads are impregnated with a special dye that, when applied to the skin, instantly creates clear and precise lines. This makes eyebrow drawing quick, easy and precise.

Versatile use:

For permanent makeup:
Ideal for precise and easy contouring before applying permanent makeup.
For colouring and laminating eyebrows: Allows accurate estimation of the dyeing area, enhancing the quality and results of the procedure.

Benefits of the new LaMajja threads:

Intense color: Compared to the older version of LaMajja threads, these upgraded threads contain a higher concentration of dye, which means stronger markings.
Colour variety: These vibrant and attractive colours are designed not only to brighten up your work and add a fun element to your daily workflow, but also to help you create visually impactful social media posts. Use this colour variety to not only make your work fun, but also to make your creative and colourful eyebrow drawings stand out on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.
High quality: Our threads are made with an emphasis on quality, ensuring that each application is as effective as possible.

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Add colour to your professional portfolio and social networks: with our colourful threads and pastes, you can not only create perfect eyebrow shapes, but also liven up your social networks with interesting and eye-catching photos. Show the world your creativity and the appeal of your beauty skills with LaMajja threads to add that creative spark to your Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest posts and photos.

Add LaMajja threads for sketching molds to your toolbox and simplify a job that will not only win the hearts of your clients, but also flood your social media with likes and hearts.

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