PMU & COLOR Basics

PMU & COLOR Basics


About the course

The PMU & Color Fundamentals course is an essential guide for every PMU artist, both advanced and beginner. In the course you will learn the absolute essentials that every person who is in the world of permanent makeup should know and use in practice. If you feel that you are lacking information in topics such as hygiene, contraindications, skin, complete color and pigment theory or marketing, this course is for you.

Who is the course for?

  • BEGINNERS IN PERMANENT MAKEUP – for those who are just thinking about starting their career in the field of permanent makeup, but also for those who have already started studying permanent makeup, but feel that they still do not know much in this area and are “groping”
  • ADVANCED ARTISTS – for those who have already had dozens, maybe hundreds of clients, but still feel unsure of the basics. For artists who desire a larger clientele and a full schedule for months ahead. Because sometimes one small piece of information can completely change an entire career.


This course is for anyone in the world of permanent makeup. Both for the beginner and the advanced artist.

The course includes

  • 3 hours of video material
  • 80+ pages of ebook
  • Tests
  • Certificate

490 including VAT

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Course content


  • Introducing
  • What you will learn in the course

How to find your way around the plethora of courses

  • Types of courses
  • Types of courses TEST


  • Basic knowledge of hygiene
  • Hygiene in the work area
  • Hygiene TEST


  • Anesthesia

First impression

  • First impression
  • First impression TEST

Functions of the skin

  • Functions of the skin
  • Skin TEST


  • Contraindications
  • Contraindications TEST

Follow-up care after the procedure

  • AfterCare
  • AfterCare TEST

Colour theory

  • Colour theory
  • Colour theory TEST

Fitzpatrick scale

  • Fitzpatrick scale
  • Fitzpatrick scale TEST


  • Pigmentology
  • Pigmentology TEST


  • Marketing


  • Pricing


  • PDF

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If you purchase both courses together, there is a 20% discount on both courses.

LIVE COURSE – 90 000,- (3500 EUR) you pay only 75 000,- (2900 EUR)

ONLINE COURSE 51 000,- you will pay only 42 500,-

Subsidies up to 85%

When both courses are taken live, the course meets the requirements of the POVEZ 2 subsidy. If you are self-employed or employed, you can receive a subsidy of up to 85% of the course cost.