La Brows

La Brows


About the course

In this course, you will learn the unique PMU technique of machine hair LaBrows. Although the “hairstrokes” technique is the most challenging permanent makeup technique, it is currently one of the most requested. Be one of the first artists to master this technique and you will have a full calendar of clients or students for months to come.

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for artists who have experience with machine permanent makeup or microblading and want to improve their skills and knowledge.


In order to master this technique and successfully complete the course, you will need your own machine and training latex to work on during the practical part of the course.

The course includes

  • 4,5 hours of video materials
  • 80 pages ebook
  • Tests
  • Certificate

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Course content


  • Introducing

About LaBrows

  • About LaBrows
  • For whom
  • What is the purpose of LaBrows TEST

Needles and cartridges

  • Cartridge Guide
  • Different cartridges = different hair types
  • Needle & Cartridge TEST

Aspects of quality machine work

  • 6 important aspects of quality machine work
  • Which 6 aspects are most important when working with a machine TEST

Pigment density

  • Pigment mixing
  • Correct pigment density

Hand position when working with the latex machine

  • Correct hand position when working on latex
  • Correct hand and machine posture TEST

Differences in hairstrokes at different angles of holding the machine

  • Differences in hairstrokes at different angles holding the machine

Hand and machine movement

  • Correct movement during hair formation
  • Hand and machine speed

Hair shaft design

  • Hairline design
  • Curvature of the hairline
  • Connecting the hairline
  • Creating tufts – exercises

LEVELS on exercise latex

  • LEVEL 1 Latex – Eyebrow Form
  • LEVEL 2 Latex – Basic hairs
  • LEVEL 3 Latex – Intermediate hairs
  • LEVEL 4 Latex – Hair Design
  • LEVEL 5 Latex – “Baby” hairs

Key aspects when working on a live model

  • Introduction of the model
  • Artist position without back pain
  • How to properly sharpen a pencil for aiming
  • Perfect skin tension and hand positions
  • Ideal hand pressure – exercises
  • Key aspects when working on a live model TEST

Eyebrow shape on the model

  • Focusing the eyebrow form
  • Pre-drawing the base lines
  • Eyebrow shape on the model TEST

Work on a live model from A-Z

  • Work on live model A-Z
  • Work on live model TEST


  • Aftercare
  • Aftercare TEST

Completion of the course

  • Completion of the course

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