Paste for mould orientation – light blue

Paste for mould orientation – light blue

Brighten up your work with LaMajja Pre-Drawing Pastes

Discover a new standard in pre-drawing with our LaMajja pastes, available in six intense colours: pink, green, white, yellow, purple and light blue. Not only do these pastes stand out for their smooth, creamy consistency, but they are also highly pigmented, ensuring a bold and long-lasting colour effect that is still easy to wash off. This product is ideal for precisely targeting the shape of both brows and lips.

Features that will enhance your creativity:

High pigmentation: the intense color concentration makes each stroke of the paste bold and highly visible, making it easy to achieve precise lines and perfect definition.
Easy to apply and remove: despite their strong colour effects, the pastes are easy to apply and also wash off the skin easily, allowing for a hassle-free workflow.
For long-term stability and smudge resistance: it is recommended to set the pastes with a transparent powder after application. This ensures that the paste stays in the desired location for a longer period of time.

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Ideal for professionals and their social networks: LaMajja pastes not only improve the accuracy of your work, but their vibrant colours add a new dimension to your portfolio and social networks. Ideal for creating engaging content for Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, these pastes will bring your work to life and attract the attention of your followers. Use them to create works of art that will dazzle and inspire your potential clients.

Combine LaMajja pastes with our precision thin brushes for perfect results and add eye-catching work to your portfolio.

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